Print Design

Coffee tins, Viewmasters, cans of beer. If ink can adhere to it, we’ve designed it. Contrary to popular belief, Print is far from dead. It’s all about the execution.

Our Process


Step 1 is all about the research. Who is your audience? What information do you need them to know? How will they interact with the final product? What is the desired outcome? We start with zero assumptions.

What We'll Do:
  • User Research
  • Subject Matter Research
  • Style / Brand Research
  • Creative Brief

Copy Writing

Next we begin crafting the story for the piece. We'll be focussed on succinctly getting the information across in a way that keeps your target audience engaged, entertained (if appropriate), reading on and taking action.

What We'll Do:
  • Write!
  • Iterate!
  • Copy

Concept Development

With copy in hand we'll create concepts for both the format of the final product as well as the visuals to support the information. This is all about tailoring the piece to be appealing and easy to use for your audience. It's also about ensuring your information doesn't end up in the recycle bin before it's read.

What We'll Do:
  • Sketch
  • Create Mock-Ups & Tests
  • Strong Concept

Design & Production Coordination

Finally, we'll implement the concept into a polished design that combines the content, visuals and format into an effective messaging tool. And once the design is approved we work with printers and other vendors to ensure the design is well executed and delivered on time.

What We'll Do:
  • Design
  • Coordinate Production
  • Beautiful Print Pieces

Paragon has worked with the Savannah Economic Development Authority on a wide range of projects from developing, producing and packaging concepts for targeted specialty gift mailings to the design of our latest annual report. They are more than just professional, which is a basic expectation; they are also pleasant to work with. Their creative is always fresh and polished. You could not find higher quality design work, or higher quality people.

Brynn Grant VP, Savannah Economic Development Authority


We're always tickled 73% magenta when we get a chance to play in print. There's nothing like coming back to your first love.

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