Motion Graphics

From developing identities for TV shows to Film titles, if you want creative concepts and double rainbow intense graphics, we’ve got you covered.


Our Process


First we'll research your subject matter, then review your brand and the genre you're in, to make sure we have the right context to work from.

What We'll Do:
  • Genre / Format Research
  • Subject Matter Research
  • Style / Brand Research
  • Visual Context
  • Concepts & Ideas


Next we'll create some test concepts to explore how our ideas might play out in an animated sequence. You'll get to weigh in too, ensuring we have a shared vision for the final product.

What We'll Do:
  • Create Concepts
  • Test Visual Effects
  • Collaborate With You
  • Approved Graphics


Once you approve the styleframes we'll flesh them out into full storyboards that walk you step by step through the entire sequence of the piece from beginning to end.

What We'll Do:
  • Create All Graphic Elements
  • Develop Full Sequence
  • Frames for the full sequence


This is the point at which all the components come together. We combine the graphic elements and effects with music and VO to make magic happen.

What We'll Do:
  • Animation
  • Sound Design
  • Motion Graphics Magic
  • Final Video
  • Amazing Eye Candy

During the RFP process, a member of our review committee asked me who created the winning design pitch, an agency from New York or LA? When I replied Paragon was located in Savannah a few eyebrows raised. Paragon delivered a killer package and continues to draw attention to the Creative Coast.” Ray Sams, Creative Director of Programming and Production at TWC.

B. Ray Sams The Weather Channel


We've worked on pretty cool shows and movies, some you might not have heard of, so here they are:

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