Web Strategy, Design & Development

From online strategy to visual design and technical implementation, we build engaging interactive experiences across multiple devices for our clients.

Our Process


Step 1 is to learn who your users are and what they [and your business] want out of the site. This might require a long invasive peek into your underwear drawer but rest assured you'll be glad we did.

What We'll Do:
  • User Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Style / Brand Research
  • User Profiles
  • Creative Briefs

Content Strategy

Step 2 involves taking all that knowledge and turning it into executable insights that inform how we structure the content on the site.

What We'll Do:
  • Content Gap Analysis
  • Site Architecture
  • Site Map
  • Content Strategy


Colors, fonts, button styles all get worked out in tandem with the content discussions.

What We'll Do:
  • Style Explorations
  • Style Notes


We'll create increasingly refined approximations of how the site will look so you can see how nicely the strategy and styling are coming together.

What We'll Do:
  • Wireframing
  • Design
  • Wireframes
  • Clickable Design Mockups


Then, taking the approved prototypes, we create magic behind the curtain; even building your site on a user-friendly CMS if you'd like.

What We'll Do:
  • Code Wrangling
  • Beta Site


Finally, we give you the keys to the site along with some handy customized video tutorials.

What We'll Do:
  • Content Entry (if needed)
  • Final Spit & Polish
  • Selective High-Fives
  • A Brand-Spanking-New-Website

We didn’t realize how transparent, painless and fun a web project could be until we joined with Paragon. I credit this to the expertise, creativity and professionalism that the Paragon staff possess.
Not only was our project completed ahead of schedule but they have been instantly available for minor tweaks as needed since then. Their service and dedication to a great product is unparalleled.

Plus, their Christmas cards are doper than anything you will receive in December. Good lord, hire them just because of the Christmas cards.

Scott Larson St. Joseph's/Candler Hospital Systems


We've worked in various capacities on a wide gamut of sites for industries as diverse as local cafes and regional law firms.

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