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Combining Convenience and Security: The Benefits of Authorization Links

Want to deter prying eyes from seeing the proprietary content on your benefits microsite, without ruining the employee experience? Just sharing passwords won’t be enough. Use a special URL that automatically logs employees into secure microsites.

Why Proactive HR Teams are Involving IT in the Benefits Microsite Process

Maximize efficiency and minimize headaches by involving IT in the benefits microsite process from the beginning—a proactive move by HR teams that will pay off in the long run.

What Working with an HR Creative Services Vendor Should Feel Like

Supplementing your HR communications team with an outside creative vendor should make your life easier. Here are some signs that they’re going to be your new secret weapon.

4 Reasons Why Regular Microsite Design Updates are Necessary

Changing the look of a benefits microsite is more than just a facelift. It’s a signal to employees about your client’s commitment to a great employee experience.

4 Roles for Design in Effective HR Communication

Giving designers a more integral role on HR teams can help companies stand out in a competitive job market by creating a more attractive and memorable employee experience.

8 Tips for a Professional and Engaging HR Portal Demo Video

How to make the most out of your next portal demo video project, whether you’re hiring an outside vendor or doing it yourself.

Streamline Employee Access to Benefits Information with Customized Content

Providing customized content on benefits microsites to different groups of employees can be challenging for HR departments. Our solution uses a single microsite with a CMS that allows HR departments to selectively assign content blocks to specific groups, streamlining the employee experience and simplifying the process of maintaining the microsite.

What’s new in our HR Communicator’s Toolkit: 2023 Update?

Our bag of digital tricks is always growing as we develop new ways for our HR partners to engage with their clients' employees. This is a roundup of all the new digital tools we built over the past 12 months. Here's to a more engaged 2023!

6 Simple Ways to Protect your HR Microsite

Protecting your HR microsite from malicious attacks doesn’t require a Masters in cybersecurity. Just stick to these six key strategies and you’ll be able to sleep better knowing your website is secure.

The Proper Care & Maintenance of an HR Microsite

Launching a microsite isn’t enough anymore. So here are 5 tips to make sure it continually works as a useful reference tool for employees.

What HR Teams Need to Know About Building an HR Microsite

Even if you’re not a web development expert, you should still be familiar with these 6 essential steps to building an effective microsite for HR.

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What You Need to Know About Planning an HR Benefits Microsite

Producing an effective HR benefits microsite that works for all employees starts with a clear plan that considers their state of mind.