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What Employees need to see on HR Benefits Microsites

A benefits microsite is more than just an online version of a printed brochure. It involves careful consideration of what employees need to see and be able to do, based on where they’re at in the employee lifecycle.

How can HR teams properly use QR codes?

Here are a few best practices so HR teams can make the most out of QR codes.

2 QR Code mistakes HR communicators should avoid

In the rush to adopt QR codes, however, we’ve seen how they can be implemented poorly. We’ve noticed 2 in particular that seem to come up repeatedly in HR circles.

How are QR codes currently being used in HR?

HR teams have noticed that QR codes have gone from trendy nuisance to invaluable communications tool. Here are 4 ways QR codes are being used in HR right now.

3 Ways to improve search on HR microsites

Current search options for HR microsites are either woefully inadequate, complicated to implement, or too costly. That’s why we created a new solution that better suits HR teams’ unique needs.

4 Reasons why you should use a video hosting platform for HR videos?

When thinking about how to include HR videos on a benefits microsite, consider using a video hosting platform. They solve bandwidth and storage issues while giving you valuable insights into employees’ viewing behavior.

The Benefits of using a Document Manager on HR microsites

Paragon’s new Document Manager keeps all the important documents on an HR microsite well organized and up-to-date regardless of changing filenames.

How to decide on the right number of menu links for an HR microsite

Here are 3 questions to determine how many HR microsite menu links work best in any given situation.

HR Microsite Analytics Explained

Here are the 13 most important metrics to track on HR microsites, and what they mean.

Tabs vs Accordions: Which is better for lengthy HR microsites?

Here’s how to decide when to use in-page tabs or accordions to shorten those lengthy benefits pages.

Using HR Videos to Handle Return-to-Work Anxieties

Another great use for HR videos is helping employees transition to the new normal of working in an office.

4 accessibility mistakes to avoid on benefits microsites

Web accessibility is more important than ever, so make sure you’re not inadvertently discriminating against employees on their benefits microsite.