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Dating Advice for your Online Store, Pt 3

We're back with more advice on how to get your online store into long and meaningful relationships... With customers.

It's OK to be terrible

Babies fall, small children can't read, teenagers can't drive and adults just don't understand Pokémon Go.

App development: Before you get started

Some useful need-to-knows!

Dating Advice For Your Online Store, Pt 2

Understanding your prospects.

The Power of Scale

At every scale within the universe there's something interesting to observe.

Ugly never looked so good

The power of color to persuade.

Swift Playgrounds App - for me and the kids too!

Apple's Swift Playgrounds app makes learning how to code fun, interactive and easy.

Dating Advice For Your Online Store, Pt 1

A love story - E-commerce style.

Telemarketers on the office line. Again.

Paragon, like every other company out there, receives dozens of telemarketing calls and robocalls. Every day. What to do?

Are you ready for eCommerce?

Selling products online can seem a little overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. There are a lot of tools out there to help - it’s possible that deciding between them might be the hardest part!

Responsive Branding

The next phase in logo design - responsive formatting.

Site Security: Making it Happen

It's hard not to feel overwhelmed by the idea of site security. After all, if huge corporations can't keep hackers out, what chance do you stand?