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Site Security: What's the risk to me anyway?

Everyone understands why the big players get hacked - but your site is attractive to hackers and phishers too.

Recent Project Recap

From inspiring and technical to fun and delicious, we’ve covered quite a bit of ground so far in 2016.

Storyboard examples

Storyboards: What Clients need to know

Don’t skip this crucial step before starting your next explainer video. No, really!

Talented? You're wanted. Here.

Do you have ‘mad design skilz’? Are you also really fun to be around, a hard worker and a quick learner? We’re currently looking for amazing freelancers to join our talent roster on an as-needed basis.

Design x Decade: Neo-Renaissance

Replicating classic and vintage designs is nothing new, but never before have there been so many options for “retro” fonts and throwback stock graphics. We're here to showcase specific styles and trends to keep you from using Art Deco typography with Victorian accents.

Free Font Friday: Moonshiner

Before Mattox Shuler released his rustic font Bourbon he tested the waters with an early version he called Moonshiner.

Adblock Plus. A review.

Tired of web ads shoving useful content below the fold, freezing sites mid-read and jamming up your YouTube videos? What if you could just vanish them? There's a way!

Data Storage Solutions

At Paragon we produce a lot of data. A whole lot. Managing that much information and coming up with a data storage solution is a full time job and in a lean company this can be a challenge.

Profile: Sabrina Madsen

Introducing a new series we’ll be doing profiling some of the cool people in our community - entrepreneurs, do-gooders, creatives, geeks, neighbors. Our first featured community member is Sabrina Madsen, an entrepreneur and athlete.

Free Font Friday: Audrey

Audrey is a beautiful typeface from Cristina Pagnotta. So smooth are the curves of this font that we decided to showcase it in black & white. The typeface combines curvy geometry and straight lines to create contrast and a timeless charm.

Free Font Friday: Cast Iron

Cast Iron is a bold, tough, industrial typeface that will look great on much more than your hipster logo.

The president wants YOU to improve your password

Being a good steward of your online data and accounts might be annoying, but you have to do it!